In the UK and Australia seniors are using silent disco headsets.


There is increasing evidence that not only is this great fun for seniors but also some participants with dementia are able to communicate and engage more fully during and after the discos. In Australia they have even begun a formal study to learn more. 

We want to bring Silent Discos to Boulder County for Seniors. 

1) Fit as a Fiddle Seniors - Discos to let loose and have fun!

2) Working with retirement homes and dementia patients.

If you'd like to find out more about Silent Discos for Seniors please click the link below

"One lady who hardly ever speaks a word, for an hour after the class she was going around talking fluidly to everyone," Ms Harrington said.

"This switches on pathways in the brain that aren't otherwise accessible.

"Everyone comes out smiling."

"There's no distraction when wearing headphones and a lot of people with dementia get really distracted by everyone else and what's going on.

"The difference was remarkable, the level of engagement and the energy was so different without the headsets."

ABC News Australia