A room full of people dancing their heart out on headphones, silent to a passer-by except for the sound of the crowd singing along to their favorite tunes.


 3 DJS 

Imagine instead of one DJ, three all at once, each playing a different decade or style of music, which participants can switch between on their headphones as they wish.



Imagine the headphones changing color with each style of music, the room sweeping from green to blue to red as dancers change from Disco to Hip Hop to Rock n’ Roll.



Now imagine removing your headphones and laughing your head off as the entire room sings along to three completely different songs, all at the same time.



Best of all, it’s contagious. Using headphones means the music is completely immersive. There is no outside noise, no distractions, no chitter chatter, just 100% all out fun on the dance floor.



Whether you’re a John Travolta or a shy wall flower, Silent Discos WILL get you dancing.

 Shhh... quiet’s never been so loud

BIG LITTLE SOUND is a local Louisville event management company specializing in Colorado’s hottest new party and festival trend: silent discos.

 Whatever the size and scale of your event, whether it’s corporate, a fundraiser, community party, prom, birthday or a unique celebration of any kind, we’ll help you take it to the next level and make sure it’s stress free, smoothly run and THE party everyone’s talking about for weeks to come.


If you are looking for something unique you’ve come to the right place. Silent Discos work great for any party or event.  
Drop us an email and we'll help you plan your party.  We can support you with anything from  DIY silent discos to full service event planning.
Great for Private Parties, Weddings, Proms, Birthday Celebrations, Block Parties, Graduation Parties, Halloween, Holiday Parties, Class Reunions, Music Festivals, Multilingual Presentations and more.

Portrait of confident young DJ with headphones


Imagine a dance party for kids where they’re having the time of their lives, but the room’s quiet enough for that the grown-ups can have a conversation too. We’re always searching for something new for our kid’s parties. Big Little Kids just brought you the solution. You can even have one channel for the parent’s favorite music!

Optional Add Ons:  Dance teacher with favorite choreography, catering, venue support and any other event services you require.

Little DJ

FITNESS : Dance & Yoga

Yoga is about turning inward, finding your peace and flow, by putting on the headsets where you only hear the whisper of your instructor and the sounds of her music everything else in the room is tuned out, noise from outside the room disappear and participants have the most amazing reaction to this experience.

Bring your dance class or yoga outside and there are no noise contraints and you can have a party anytime anywhere! 

Young woman sitting on grass in Park and meditating and listening to music on headphones


From a backyard party to a large scale screening.

We’ll help you take your event outside with high quality sound and no noise problems. 

Imagine your own outdoor movie party with no noise complaints!

Small cinema with old analog films in the evening

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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